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Building Sustainable Communities Forum, Brattleboro, VT

Post Oil Solutions

"Building Sustainable Communities" Forum

3rd Wednesday of each month

7:00 PM

Room 2 East

Marlboro Center Graduate School, Brattleboro


19 September:

Community Supported Renewable Energy. This forum will be keynoted by Greg Pahl, author of the recently published, The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook: Community Solutions to a Global Crises. It will also feature a panel discussion with representatives from VPIRG, the Windham Energy Group (a project of POS), the Putney Energy Group, and the Brattleboro District Energy Project. Participants will talk about their community energy projects—how they’re organizing them, as well as the financial, legal, and political obstacles that need to be overcome—with a particular focus on projects underway in Marlboro, Putney, and Brattleboro.

17 October:

Permaculture: Moving Towards Sustainability. Our presenter this evening will be Jono Neiger, an ecologist, land steward, and permaculture designer and teacher since 1996. Permaculture is a holistic landscape design system that integrates ethics, design principles, and efficient and appropriate use of resources, to create regenerative, productive, and beautiful landscapes. Aided by his beautiful slides, Jono will discuss ecological design and explore projects incorporating natural building, perennial food crops, organic gardening, greenhouses, beekeeping, eco-forestry, appropriate technology, and community.

14 November:

Efficiency Vermont. Rachael Pendleton, a business development specialist at Efficiency Vermont, will give a presentation and answer questions about EV. Efficiency Vermont is the nation's first statewide provider of energy efficiency services. Created in 2000 by the Vermont legislature and the Vermont Public Service Board to help all Vermonters save energy, reduce energy costs and protect Vermont's environment, EV is operated by an independent, non-profit organization under contract to the Vermont Public Service Board. It provides technical advice, financial assistance and design guidance to help make Vermont homes, farms, schools and businesses energy efficient.

19 December:

Community Celebration. We will conclude our first year of monthly forums with a gathering of organizations and individuals to celebrate the work we have all been doing over the past 12 months to help make our region a more sustainable community. The evening will feature pot luck desserts, reports from various groups on their work, and an inspiring film with which to end 2007 and begin 2008.

The forums are free, though contributions to POS to help support its various projects are always welcomed. Light refreshments are provided. For further information: info@postoilsolutions.org or 802 869 2141

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I think renewable energy is very important if we want to move forward as a country. However I think we are going in the wrong direction. We need to use magnet motors that are over 100% efficient. Some are even 500% efficient. I know this sounds crazy, but we have this technology. It’s just being hidden from you. The Big Energy companies are making $440 billion a year from us. It’s a huge scam. If you would like to see real proof of little guys like me trying to get the word out check out this link.

Thank you,